Welcome to the home of Filo - a world of do-it-yourself frozen yoghurt creations made by the world's best yoghurt artists: you.


The process is simple: You start of with a blank canvas - a cup of virtually fat-free, calcium rich, probiotic and protein packed frozen yoghurt - a mouthful already, right? Wrong. The real art happens now. Our toppings counter has you spoilt for choice. Feeling a bit health conscious today? No problem, we have a variety of fresh fruit toppings. Tomorrow you may feel a little indulgent. In that case, you're in for many sweet, chocolatey, fudgey, sugary treats.


The final masterpiece is up to you. However you choose to create you work of art, we guarantee you'll love it. After all, it's frozen yoghurt, your way.


We promise to

- Create a relaxing and fun atmosphere for you, your friends and your family
- Provide you with a store that's squeaky clean and fabulously fresh
- Only use premium ingredients, both sourced locally and internationally, and serve it up with the trademark Filo twist
- Offer you real frozen yoghurt made only with hormone free ayshire milk
- To taunt your taste buds by serving a new batch of our hand-cut fresh fruit, on a daily basis


The meaning of Filo

Filo means a lot of different things in a lot of different languages, but we think the Italian meaning of the word wins - something delicious. Something delicious like frozen yoghurt topped with a world of delectable toppings ready to melt in your mouth. You now what we mean, right?