Filo Yogurt Review | The Froyo Craze Continues

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Froyo Frenzy has hit South Africa in the past few years. It started with Wakaberry’s first store in Durban. Wakeberry now has around 16 stores countrywide. That is amazing. Obviously, many others are now joining in the Froyo (Frozen Yoghurt) craze. I visited Filo Yoghurt at Victory Park Shopping centre over the weekend to see what the fuss was about. I was overly tired of the tweets that claimed Filo tasted much better than Wakaberry.

I’ll be honest, for me it’s not really about the yogurt, it’s about the novelty of being able to choose 6 flavours together and pile on anything I want. The fact that Filo seemed to taste amazing too is just a bonus!


The Verdict:

I loved the subtle yet quirky decor the minute I saw it. Filo is decorated in both a fun, yet mature way and adults can happily go and pick a bowl of Froyo without being partially embarrassed. Filo had 6 flavours the day I was there and they do rotate the flavours weekly. Some flavours stay on, some go. I chose hazelnut, caramel and raspberry ( I think) I gobbled it up so quickly I can’t remember.

They don’t have a huge variety of toppings, but it covered my needs. I did notice that they had fudge (yes fudge) pieces you could add on as toppings. What I loved about Filo were the ‘deluxe’ toppings. A trio of absolutely divine looking toppings that cost an extra R5 a scoop. It’s for the really dedicated ;)


The lowdown:

I loved Filo, the taste was incredible, with the exception of the hazelnut (which is probably an acquired taste). The yogurt was smooth and lacked the sour aftertaste that most yogurt has.


The bad:

The yogurt was a little soft and melted long before I got home. I had to gobble it down to prevent it from melting before I could eat it.

Ar R13/100g + R5 for toppings, Filo does come up as a little expensive, my meagre cup cost R40.


Is it worth the visit?

Definitely :)

You can find Filo on Twitter and on Facebook.


N.B Filo – Brand your cups! Those cups are like advertising on their own ;)