The Fro Yo Fad

Fashionable food is weird. From red (and blue and black) velvet cupcakes to multi-coloured macaroons, now the fad seems to be frozen yoghurt. And with the arrival of Wakaberry, the 'fro yo' (for real) fad has exploded everywhere. Even your run of the mill restaurant has started selling the stuff.


I get why Wakaberry is so successful, but really it's a total novelty. It had people missioning to the other end of the earth (from my area, anyway) just to get a taste of the self-service treat. I'm not saying I don't like it, but public opinion says it's kind of sour. 


I came across Filo Yoghurt on Facebook and was intrigued at what I initially figured was just someone jumping the bandwagon. Filo is also a self-service frozen yoghurt bar, but quite a bit smaller than its weirdly named competitor. Filo popped up in the Victory Park Centre just as the air started to get that Joburg chill. 


I waited for a slightly warmer day and went to check out what they call 'the art of frozen yoghurt'. I kept it simple: a mix of plain and caramel, dodging some of the deluxe toppings (peanut butter/milk chocolate/caramel crunch). The verdict: it's good. And it doesn't have that sour taste - definitely worth the try if you've got a sweet tooth. 


Their flavours change every so often... so far I've seen pistachio, cheesecake, raspberry, white chocolate, watermelon, pomegranate, peanut and coffee. 


Conveniently located in the same centre as Virgin Active, this supposedly guilt- and fat-free treat should do rather well. Props to the little guy!


Filo Yoghurt: Victory Park Shopping Centre, corner Rustenburg Road and 2nd Avenue. Open daily from 09:00 'til 18:00.